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Nurihaus is innovative community commerce, changing the original frames of the B2C commerce system with expert influencers in different areas.
As consumers build closer ties with influencers, both can receive better benefits from the activities, such as following Influencer's Stores, purchasing products, or writing reviews for the items. You can save offers for later as well.

These activities motivate influencers to give more benefits, creating a community that makes both influencers and consumers happy.

You can find unique and trendy high-quality brand items here at nurihaus.
There are various special deals on fashionable stationeries to top-selling K-beauty cosmetics at nurihaus.
You can enjoy candid review content created by influencers and customized stores with different vibes.
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We continue to find Korean SMBs that share the same value as us.
Our team of merchandisers works hard to unearth like-minded businesses that make top-tier products looking to shine in the hands of people worldwide.


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You’ll find different deals daily, weekly, and monthly.
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As soon as you press the purchase button from any influencer store, Nurihaus will process and send everything from our warehouse using the safest payment and delivery services to bring your items safely to you.

Our curated products are all influencers,
Nurifamily - who are consumers ourselves at home - approved.
Our influencers have built strong relationships with the brand and thoroughly verified the items after using them for themselves for a while.
We promise to offer exceptional goods to you at the most competitive and attractive price.