[Inspirations] 8 Things that you need for your elegant teatime

How to have an upscaled yet relaxing tea time
by Chloe Sept. 30, 2021




Every day 3 PM to 4 PM is the perfect time to have a cup of tea. You boil the water in a teapot, having your favorite tea ready. You pour the water in the teacup and brew the tea bag, or you simply dunk your grind tea leaves or tea bag into the teapot to brew. You wait for the tea to infuse its taste and aroma. After a certain minute, you take out the tea bag and serve your tea with a dessert snack. The thick fragrance of your tea tickles your nose, and a bite of your dessert melts in your mouth. During this peaceful time, you might want to have your favorite book on your side.


Under the cozy sunlight, you have your book, your tea, and your snack to nibble on. How wonderful is that?


While tea time was an exclusive social event of the upper-class a long time ago, I enjoy my afternoon tea to have a break and center myself before I power through the rest of my day. After having a cup or two of coffee in the morning, I go for tea in the afternoon to cut down my caffeine level. I relish a long and tranquil tea time during the weekend, and I usually have short breaks during the weekdays. Even if it is a short time, I do it well when I have my teatime. I have the right mug, the right calming scent, and the right kitchen accessories ready to accentuate my short period of relaxation.


Here is a list of items that I recommend you having while luxuriating your tea time.