oh, lolly day!
wants to make your everyday Oh Happy Day!

Happiness sometimes comes with big things, but it comes with small things many times in our lives. <oh, lolly day!> firmly believes that small things can bring you immense happiness. Small but certain satisfaction is what wants to deliver to you.


<oh, lolly day!> CEO Lolly says opening the store was something she wanted to do sincerely. Rather than organizing the products and categories to sell, Lolly was more interested in delivering her utmost value, being happy, to her future customers. She loves to positively influence other people, which was her priority when she opened <oh, lolly day!>. It looked spontaneous, but Lolly was full of enthusiasm and was enwrapped with her progressive spirit. Lolly jumped into the field to cultivate her goals, and now, her dreams, excitement, curiosity, and challenges are filling the alley of Sungsoo. She keeps rolling to deliver joy to everyone, including herself, to make everyone’s life happier.

1. Contentment
2. Happiness
3. Practicality
4. Individuality
<oh, lolly day!> strongly believes that small habits can make your life more meaningful and pleasant.
We will be there for you to reach your inner glee by changing small habits in your life.
How? Follow us to participate in events like ‘35 days challenge’ to change your habits.
Not only yourself but all our followers will join the challenge with you, so you are not alone.
<oh, lolly day!> will be there every step of your way to finding your jolly.