Cuff - Rose gold
CUBIC CUFF COLLECTION ● Simple and Delicate Bracelet The Cubic Cuff Collection bracelets show off natural cubics placed in finely cut holes by our expert jewelers, allowing them to shine even brighter. The bracelet’s classic shape and design stands against the test of time, and will easily become a staple in your collection. ● Layered Styling The watch goes effortlessly with simple looks to add a sense of elegance. ● Eco-friendly Packaging Design We partnered with a Denmark-based design studio to provide luxurious packaging that you can gift to your loved ones. The rose gold and cool grey details make our packaging stand out while adding another level of elegance. The eco-friendly FSX mix paper material is FSC certified, noted with the certification mark on the back of the packaging. COLORS ● Rosegold Rosegold has a romantic and lovely feel with its soft pink glow and radiant cubics. ● Gold Gold is not only a classic color, but also has a glamorous feel. ● Silver Silver has a fresh and clean look. The transparent cubics harmonize well with the bracelet's simple shape and bright silver color, and the color is sure to complement any outfit and style as your daily accessory.
Inner Circumference: 130mm
Size: 65mm x 40mm
Thickness: 3.3mm
Material Type: High-Polished Brass, Cubic
Mass: 6g

Made in Korea
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