Holy Smoke Palo Santo - Thin-cut

$ 15.30 $ 17.00 [10%]

Palo Santo stick - Thin-cut: It is the most thinnest size that it is easy for smudging

Palo Santo trees are never cut down by artificial means. Trees naturally dead or twigs naturally acquired are harvested after the passing of several years. The twigs would produce natural limonene during the time in the forest and make the unique scent of Palo Santo. Glosome uses Bursera Graveolens species that contains the most aroma and oil among Palo Santo family. From your Palo Santo, you will feel woody, smokey, citrusy, and subtle sweetness. Palo Santo sticks are hand-made, and artificial flavors are not included. You can use Palo Santo itself as a diffuser as you can feel its soft scent without flaming the wood.

Glosome only receives Palo Santo sticks from certified organizations from Peru SERFOR that utilize ethical, fair trade, and sustainable practices. Moreover, Glosome only uses FSC certified papers in packaging.

Weight: 50g (approx. 10~12 sticks)
(Stick) 10mm x 100mm
(Package) 120 x 100 x 40mm

- Burning time: 20~30 seconds
- Duration: Approx. 3 hours
- Period of use: when burning once a day, you can use one stick for average 2 weeks.

Made in Peru
Designed in Korea

<About the product>
- Because all the woods were handcrafted, the sizes and shapes of each stick may vary.
- Keep away from a humid environment and keep the product sealed.

- Keep them away from children or pets.
- Always use a heat-resistant base.
- Burnt ashes might fly, be cautious.
- Do not inhale the smoke directly.
- Strength of the scent may differ by the burning environment.
- Keep away from the risk of fire.
- Do not use it when sleeping or during your absence.
- Please ventilate the space while burning.



Micha********* July 03, 2021

Great. Good as an interior item.

Patri******** May 11, 2021

Woody-minty is the perfect way to explain the scent. Just by placing the box under the bed makes my bedroom smell fresh. So satisfied with the purchase. The thin-cut burns really fast though. The whole wood stick burns off 5 seconds after the lighting :(

Nate ****** May 08, 2021

The wood itself smells amazing. It does not burn continuously like other incense sticks but I think it is also great that the flame does not last long. I would use the stick for a while. I placed rest of the sticks in the corner of my house and I can smell the wood scent whenever I walk pass by.