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Kamome Kids Cutlery Set - Chopsticks (4 Colors)

$ 8.50

Kamome Kids Cutlery Set - Spoon and Chopsticks. Polycarbonate handles are safe for children to use daily. EDC free.

1. Timeless durability
Made of high-intensity polycarbonate, which has a high slip and fade resistance. The colors on the handles are not simply coated with colors, but the dye was mixed in when processed that the colors will never fade.

2. Easy-grip
The easy-grip was born throughout multiple testing. The round finish on the handles will give you a comfortable grip and let you pick up easily.

3. Reusable & Dishwasher safe
Sturdy for daily use. The spoons and chopsticks can be cleaned in boiling water (within 1 minute) or a dishwasher. They will never decolor, break or deform from high heat (135 Celsius).

4. Made in Korea
Made with Korean technology and materials.

5. High-quality Stainless steel
Safety test approved. Made of high-quality stainless steel. Non-toxicand rust resistant. The utensils are produced with thorough care. The high-end technique in making cutlery is combined with Kamome Kitchen’s unique colors and designs.

6. Non-toxic assemble
The handle and stainless steel are assembled by using a patented, non-toxic non-adhesive method. The handle and the steel would not fall apart easily, and the connected part wouldn’t pile up hazardous dirt.

- Suitable length and thickness for children to use easily;
- Perfect size and shape to hold the food with;
- Easy-grip and lightweight that guarantees comfort;
- Adorable pastel toned colors for children

You can match them with a variety of colors or color code them with one color. The utensils go well with any tableware. Perfect for gifting as they come in neat and luxurious individual box packages.

Material: Stainless Steel 18-10, Polycarbonate

- Spoon: 170 mm
- Chopsticks: 190 mm

Made in Korea

- After washing, dry them with soft cloth.
- Friction between products can cause scratches.
- The cutlery can be used in the dishwasher, but note that the set period time of use may be shortened due to friction or abrasion.
- When boiled in water, sterilize within a minute.
- Ultrasonic cleaning will be performed on all the cutlery to remove abrasive particles, but highly recommend to clean them before the first use.