Kelly Earrings - Rosegold
KELLY EARRINGS COLLECTION PAULVICE’s first earrings, the Kelly Earring Collection, are a simple hoop shape finished off with two layers of details that make it look like it was wrapped with a ribbon. ● Feminine yet Bold Volume Design Loyal to the essence of earrings, we’ve created earrings that are both trendy and wearable so you can comfortably wear them in your day-to-day. With its feminine yet bold volume design, this formal collection comes in a variety of colors. ● A Variety of Colors With rose gold, gold, and silver, each color has its own charm and goes well with a variety of looks. ● Plated Treated with high-quality plating highly resistant to discoloration, it elevates the quality of the design as well as the quality of the earrings. ● Eco-friendly Packaging Design We partnered with a Denmark-based design studio to provide luxurious packaging that you can gift to your loved ones. The rose gold and cool grey details make our packaging stand out while adding another level of elegance. The eco-friendly FSX mix paper material is FSC certified, noted with the certification mark on the back of the packaging.
Length: 24mm
Thickness: 4mm
Material(Earrings): High-Polished Brass
Material(Pins): Stainless Steel
Mass: 4g each

Made in Korea
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