North Land - Pink - Fabric

$ 55.00

North land fabric- pink. The Warmgrey Tail fabric poster uses non-toxic fabric that is certified with the Korea Certification mark approved by the Korea Standards Association. The ink also is certified by the EU REACH certificate of compliance. You can use the fabric as a poster on the wall, like a curtain on a window, or a door. It has a variety of usage.

All the fabrics will be delivered in a box package and the package includes a laundry instruction and a Warmgrey Tail postcard.

*Wood stick is not included.

Material: Linen 55%, Cotton 45%
Size: 800 X 1500mm(±5)

Designed by WARMGREY TAIL in Korea
Made in Korea

<About the product>
- The edge of the fabric has given an interlock finishing touch.
- Due to linen’s distinctive texture, different color thread, or a ball of thread can be mixed into the fabric. That is not a product defection.
- There can be differences in actual size.
- There can be wrinkles when delivered.
- Wood stick is not included.

<Cleaning instructions>
- When cleaning, we recommend hand wash with 30 degrees lukewarm water or dry cleaning.
- Use enough water when hand washing. If you dewater right after the washing, it can prevent the fabric from getting stains.
- Due to the nature of linen, do not use bleach or softener. Dry flat in the shade after squeezing out the water gently.
- Iron at low temperature on the surface with no illustration printed.
- Iron in a short time and iron out wrinkles with spray water to smooth the crease.
- Warmgrey Tail isn’t responsible for any product damage due to the wrong method of cleaning.

- You can use a thumbtack, magic tape for fabrics, curtain rod and rings, and curtain rails to hang the fabric.