Siren Bracelet - Aqua
SIREN BRACELET COLLECTION Be enchanted by the depths of the ocean. The Siren Bracelet Collection uses natural gemstones with each stone surrounded by a bold sun pattern. Its chain design adds to the ease of wear, offering flexibility in size and four natural stones to add a sense of allure. ● Two Designs A sun encompassing the gemstones adds another level of grandeur, and using the sun design you can switch to the back for a different mood. We added stone and logo details to two charms at the end of the chain, and have made it to fit regardless of size. ● Easy to Wear We’ve designed this bracelet to be easy to put on with just one hand. ● Eco-friendly Packaging Design We partnered with a Denmark-based design studio to provide luxurious packaging that you can gift to your loved ones. The rose gold and cool grey details make our packaging stand out while adding another level of elegance. The eco-friendly FSX mix paper material is FSC certified, noted with the certification mark on the back of the packaging. COLORS ● Natural White Opal Pendant The bracelet combines basic colors to bring out the brilliance of the white opal stone. It’s small yet perfect for creating a glamorous mood, reflecting a variety of colors as if there were a prism inside. ● Natural Pink Opal Pendant The pink opal stone’s feminine aura stands out even more with this bracelet, the rose gold chain and charms matching the color and mood for added luxury and elegance. ● Natural Turquoise Pendant The turquoise’s strength and saturated color makes it stand out. Not commonly found in accessories, this rare color will help finish your unique look. ● Natural Black Agate Pendant You can express a feminine and luxurious image with black agate.
Circumference: 230mm max
Thickness: 1mm
Material Type: High-Polished Brass, Stone
Stone Type: White Opal / Pink Opal / Tyrkey Stone / Black Agate
Mass: 3g

Made in Korea
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Beautiful colorBeautiful color. I like it so much :-)
PrettyIt is totally my style. It looks great with a rosegold watch.
GorgeousGorgeous watch. Looks exactly like the picture.