Super Twim Pen Eyeliner Kit
EYELINER KIT Eyeline, Shade, Highlighter in a one palette! An eyeliner kit for the perfect eye makeup. INGREDIENT Vegan eyeliner, made of non-hazardous ingredients to your body. Hypoallergenic test completed. Feel safe to use it on your delicate eye area. HYBRID PEN TYPE A sharp pen-type eyeliner with great elasticity for a one-touch draw. Easy for beginners to use. COVERAGE A long-lasting liner that dries as soon as it draws. COLORS 01 #Vivid Black - A vivid black. The best black eyeliner for the sharp look. 03 #Earlgrey Latte - A light brown liner for a natural eyeliner or to give a light shade. 04 #Candy Twim - A highlighter to brighten up the skin tone.
Volume: 0.5g x 3ea
PAO: 6M | EXP: 36M from MFD

Made in Korea
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