Hanna's Set 2 : Forest Green
The First collaboration between UNDERCONTROL & SOCKSTAZ Pre-order an Exclusive set at Special Price curated by Hanna Coreana! Set of items for preparing for the winter season. 1 Corduroy Ballcap + 2 pairs of Rib Socks These curated fashion items can give accents from HEAD to TOE, which are hats and socks. A set of a cozy corduroy ball cap with rib socks made with material similar to corduroy is the go-to set for F/W season. Two pairs of socks are curated as one sock matching tone-on-tone color with the corduroy hat, and the other socks give color points for the whole outfit.
UC / AUTHENTIC B B / CD Corduroy Ballcap from UNDERCONTROL 1) Design - The UDC's signature designed authentic ball cap's FW version. - The low crown and short brim create a sporty and casual mood, which suits both men and women. Recommended for couples. 2) Material - Because the brim is made of sturdy corduroy material, the shape of the cap will be stable for a long time. - Cozy corduroy material will keep you warm in the winter season. 3) Color From basic colors to vivid colors, there are various options to give points to your styling.
Color Rib Socks Top-Selling socks style from SOCKSTAZ 1) Design Rib socks are one the best sellers in and the style of the most famous socks in Korea. The name 'Rib Socks' came from an animal's ribcage. As one of the oldest knitting methods for socks, it is also one of the most famous basic socks around the world as well. 2) Material Made with high-quality cotton in the best socks knitting factory in Korea. This sock is made with 80% combed cotton. (*Combed Cotton: Cotton is combed when it is to be used for quality fabric with high thread counts.)
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