Enjoy the combinations of leaf tea, powdered tea, tea bags, and green tea salts. Not only enjoy the tea as a leaf or powder, different types of teas in the set can also be used in other recipes. Experience the Korean tea ceremony called 'Da-do' with the tea whisk as well.
Jung-jak 80g 1. Type: Leaf tea 2. Description: The green tea leaves are harvested when it is full of Catechin in early May. 3. Specialties ● Tasting Note: Mint, Sweet Potato, Cashew Nuts - After the smooth flavors, it finishes off with a fresh minty flavor. ● Color of Tea - Blueish-emerald color ● Pairing - Chocolate, Meat, sandwich 4. How to drink - When brewing leaf tea, use the tea fabric or tea infuser. - Can also be brewed directly without any infusers or fabric.
Signature 21T 1. Type: Tea bag 2. Description - The finest tea made with only a small fraction of young tea leaves picked each year. - Pure 100% green tea without grain. 3. Specialties ● Tasting Note - Steamed chestnuts, the scent of a flower, and vanilla - Fresh taste with a chestnut scent, considered the best flavor of green tea. ● T Leveling -Relax during the day(Catechin + Caffeine) and night(Theanine) -Catechin level: Low -Caffeine level: Medium -Theanine level: Medium 4. How to enjoy The tea bag is easy to enjoy anywhere. Convenient to carry around and drink at home.
Boseong Matcha 1. Type: Powdered Tea 2. Description: This freeze-dried powdered tea has a fresh fruit scent with a charming finish. 3. Specialties ● Flavor & Taste - Neat: Mild and Neat Flavor - Fruit Flavor: Refreshing Fruit Scent - Rich taste: Strong matcha flavor with rich taste in just a small amount ● Special & Fresh - Fresh tea is grown in Boseong green tea field by pesticide-free, harmless cultivation method - 100% pure matcha with no additives 4.TIP Can be mixed with various recipes such as latte, Icecream, Cocktail, ade, etc. Vanilla Ice Cream with powdered matcha tea on top was once a thing in Korea.
Cha-seon (Matcha Whisk) 1. Description - Tea ceremony tool to help powdered matcha dissolve in water and create a soft foam. - Make your prep time even more peaceful with a whisk. 2. How to use - Before use, soak the whisks in warm water to allow the curls to be flexible. - Add matcha powder and water to a bowl, and gently mix with wrist snap using the whisk. - After use, rinse with clean water and dry well. - Store in a cool, ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight.
Green Tea Salt Specialty-grade, Green tea salt made with pesticide-free tea. Try cooking with steaks, porks, and grilled fish with this salt! - About 158 sheets of tea leaves are contained in one bottle of green tea powder. - This salt was refined with the Korean traditional method, which has no bitter taste. - No artificial additives. - No microplastics, impurities, or harmful microorganisms.
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