Holy Smoke Incense Burner I
The incense burner is a ceramic plate used in burning wood or incense sticks. Holy Smoke Incense Burner 1 is perfect to use all kinds of incense sticks such as Palo Santo, Incense stick, and Incense corn. Designed by a rookie Pottery Artist, Lim Kyong-a, the burner is motivated by the ripple effect from the water drop and shows nature’s tranquility and peacefulness. You can enjoy the art piece made by the pottery artist, and it is excellent to use as an interior decorative item. The top and the bottom separates, and the inner side of the burner is glazed that it is convenient to get rid of ashes after use. Glosome only uses FSC certified papers in packaging. - Keep it away from children or pets. - Always use a heat-resistant base. - Burnt ashes might fly, be aware of them. - Do not inhale the smoke directly. - Keep away from using anywhere close to the risk of fire. - Do not use when sleeping or away. - Please ventilate the space while burning.
Weight: 225g
(Top)110mm x 110mm
(Body)105 x 105 x 55mm

Made in Korea
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