Soobeanie's Happy Winter Set 1
Soobeanie's Happy Winter Set with Oh, lolly day! This exclusive set will make your winter season even more colorful. Do not miss out on the 'Free Gift' opportunity from Soobeanie. Let us keep our winter happy and cozy with Soobeanie's top picks!
[Beanie] O,LD! Beanie_Ivory - Design point with embroidered label and clover label of 'O,LD!'. - Medium length that can match any style. - Adequate thickness for all seasons except for summer. - Tip: It fits your head shape as you wear them over time.
[Cup] O,LD! Mug_Signature - The O,LD!'s signature graphic will make you happy. - Sturdy mug cup made of ceramics. - Packaged in a strong paper box, great as a personal gift. - Tip: Matches perfectly with a 'Heavy Knit Coaster.'
[Coaster] Heavy Knit Coaster_Checkerboard Red&Pink - Thick-knit tea coaster with cute graphics. - Reversible. - Perfect with the 'O,LD! Mug' Tip: - Keep the table clean with this tea coaster under the cup. - Can also be used as an interior point under a vase or on top of a table. - Even better if you mix it up with other colors!
[Memo] Weekly Happiness Report Keep records of the happiness with O,LD! - Memo report of what made you happy during this week. - Various categories of happiness can be recorded within the report. - Song, Video, Book, Item, Food, Place, Workout, Person, Sentence, Moment - Especially recommended for those who write a diary or planner.
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